Monday, October 5, 2009

What's up with me ... and the blog of course ...

I wanted to offer a short explanation as to why everything has come to a stand still. Truth is I just have alot going on and not much of it is good or happy ... so I just haven't been playing much and when I have had been so absent minded that I have forgotten to take or post the photos.

I will be updating occasionally when I can get the gumption up to do so ... but until then things will not be nearly as active here as they have in the passed. I apologize to all of you loyal followers who wait for the next post ... I would give you a regularly scheduled promise of a post of I could, but for now I just can't.

Hope all of you are out there happy and healthy and loving life ... I am not gone, just taking a bit of a needed break from the non-essentials. I adore you all ... and I am sure you know that :)