Friday, December 26, 2008

MAC Dame Edna Collection

I got Dame Edna today! All in all I was really excited for this collection but it was a bit of a letdown. As much as I got, I still didn't feel like I just absolutely HAD to have any of it. I skipped the High-Light powders because after you get through that top layer of overspray there was NO shimmer at all on the underside and they completely didn't show up on me. I couldn't even use them as blushes so I skipped them.

The good news about that though was that I saved some money to get other stuff, so I also picked up the new RM Moisturizer (after my 20 boutique Thanks! gift certificate and a punch card it cost me about $3!), and MAC stuff in Tilt shadow, Bright Sunshine shadow, Surreal shadow, Indianwood paintpot, Soft Ochre paint pot and Pink Poodle lipglass. Yay for day after xmas shopping trips :D

Enjoy the swatches!


  1. hi! i like your blog :) love your fotds and swatches!! how do you think kanga-rouge l/s differs from red she said l/s?. thanks! merry christmas!! :)

  2. I passed on the dame edna collection but the puple nail lacquer is calling me!!

  3. I'm curious about the stickers on the packaging. I heard some people say that the stickers fell off as soon as the items came out of the boxes. I also heard that the palettes had a clear plastic covering on them to prevent the stickers from coming off. What is your take on the sticker controversy?


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