Friday, June 5, 2009

MAC Naked Honey Collection Swatches & Review

The swatches speak for themselves ... I adore this collection ... really really really adore it. These are NOT your typical browns and golds.

Creme De Meil shadow - this is a veluxe pearl ... and it is gorgeous. If you have Dreamaker starflash, this is very similar but this is a deeper gold than Dreamaker.

Pollinator shadow- frost, and very similar to Paradisico except that this isn't anywhere near as much of a pain in the arse. Paradisico is HARDER THAN HADES to work with, and this one, while not perfect, is much easier. Also, it doesn't have the pink tinge than Paradisico does. More of a peach with some gold.

Buckwheat shadow - frost, and brown but an amazing brown! Seriously ... this is a cool brown with warm shimmer if that makes any sense. Like a cool taupe brown with some red and gold interference. Hard to describe, but completely gorgeous.

She's A Star lipglass - this is like What A Do! from BBR without the peachy flashes. Very sheer, but gorgeous. Definitely a great one if you want something that will show your natural lip colour but give you some sheen as well.

Queen Bee lipglass - completely unlike anything else that I have. Really pretty ... has some orange to it but not obnoxious orange. Again, very unique!

Buzz lipglass - OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! This is the star of the entire shebang! This is Coppering eyeshadow in lipglass form ... maybe slightly less red but there is definitely still some red in there and it is SOOO pretty! If you skip this one, you are nuts!

Highlight powders - I realize the swatch makes them look almost the same, but that is just the picture. Golden Nectar is actually significantly darker but not so much that my NC15 self could not wear it. Both are ultra gorgeous even without the overspray. They both have definite gold and peach tones, but Golden Nectar also has some really pretty bronze tones to it. I am getting both ... they are so pretty.

I will review the body products after I get them ... I didn't really play much today. I can tell you that Africanimal fragrance will scare the bejesus out of you in the bottle but completely transforms itself into something sweet and spicy and sexy when you put it on.


  1. You're making me so excited for thissssss! And Im mostly excited about all the body products, but your post here's making me think I may want the makeup as well!

  2. Wow this collection is beautiful. I didn't think I was gonna get anything but I changed my mind lol Thanks for posting this! :)


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