Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MD Lash Factor progress!

I love this stuff ... I am truly amazed at the results I am getting. I knew it was really working when I could suddenly feel my lashes sans mascara ... before they were so thin and sparse that I couldn't even feel them and now they are most definitely there.

The best part is that I keep getting compliments on them ... most people think I have on falsies. If I didn't know it would hurt like hell I would just tell them to pull on them to prove they are real :D

Anyways ... the product name, as most of you know, is MD Lash Factor by Procyte and can be found in many places. It usually retails for $140 but I got it for $80 at www.101cosmetics.com ... definitely worth every penny and more.


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  1. The result is just awesome! Now I have a dilemma, lilash or md lash factor?


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