Thursday, August 20, 2009

Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection Swatches & Review!

Yay! Got the cord in for the camera today so I am back and ready to post some stuff.

I figured I would post my review and swatches here (you can also find the swatches on Majyk and Specktra) as repayment for being so patient with me while I was dealing with the camera issue. First ... the swatches ...

The quads: I am sucker for quads so these are getting bought ... but I do have to say that they are not as unique or stunning than the CoC quads from last year.

Notoreity is dupeable for the most part (the brown in it is unlike anything else ... think Trax shadow but with a brown base instead of plum).

In the Gallery has an amazing lilac (the second one down in the picture) and the rest are gorgeous purples ... but it is nothing terrible unique if you have a big collection.

Photo Realism is the most unique and special of the three ... get this one!

The shadows: I have to be honest ... the texture on four of the six of these is horrible ... the only two with easily workable texture are Crest the Wave and Off the Page ... the rest have to be built up.

The combo of these colours is awesome though!

The pigments: Heritage Rouge and Cocomotion are well known repromotes so I am not going to waste many words on them ... pretty ... but not terribly special. I have Cocomotion and it tends to go orange on me.

The other two are gorgeous but not terribly unique ... Push the Edge is MUCH like Grape piggie ... but has more of a blue flash, which I love.

Brash & Bold is very similar to Bright Fuschia but has more of a violet flash.

The glitters: the two Reflects are STUNNING ... the other two are just not special at all. I would get the reflects ... except that I NEVER use the glitters that I have now.

They are not eye safe ... which kinda negates the purpose for me.

The technakohls: I love these ... I really do ... but I am not getting any of them simply because I already have a million pencil liners and I never reach for any of them.

The texture on these is completely smooth but not smudgy ... and the pigmentation on all of them was good to great (Obviously Orange took some building to get that colour ... but the rest were easy).

The blushes: I have zero matte blushes ... so I can't really tell what I think of them because I have no experience with them on my face.

That said, The Perfect Cheek is like Viva Glam II lipstick in a blush ... so I can SO picture that lippie with this blush and a badass smokey eye.

Notable is a gorgeous colour in the pan ... but I am not sure if anyone under an NC/W25 could pull it off. It is very pigmented and has a nice satin matte finish.

The lipsticks: I DO NOT NEED ANYMORE STINKIN' LIPPIES! But dangit I LURVE these. While none of them are terribly unique (except for maybe Hold the Pose because it is kinda mysterious looking) they are just gorgeous.

I am sure I will get them ... and then kick myself later because I DO NOT NEED ANYMORE STINKIN' LIPPIES!

The lipglasses: Did I mention that I don't need more lippies ... I really don't.

Young Thing is nice ... but it is very similar to Bonus Beat from Heatherette and I think it needs more shimmer to be appealing on.

New Spirit is really pretty and has a sparkle that totally rocks, but colours like these tend to go orange on me.

Personal Taste is frikkin' gorgeous ... the sparkle factor is really something else ... but it looks like a million other pinks basically ... though I am afraid it is a tad more special than most of them.

On Display really reminds me of the plum lipglass from BBR (name escapes me at the moment) but is a more luxurious purple ... I am a total sucker for wine lippies so this is a must.

Anyways ... hope that helps. This collection has been out online for a few days and revealed itself in stores today. Go get em'!


  1. WOW!! I'm on the fence with Haunting since I usually don't get Satin eyeshadows. Crest the Wave is so pretty! I already have it as well as Cocomotion pigment. I do want Heritage Rouge and Brash & Bold pigments. The liners are so gorgeous! I only want two of them. Reflects Copper and Rust are the ones that I'm going to get since I'm a sucker for glitter. I'm unsure about Fuchsia glitter and Gold glitter now. The lipsticks and lipglasses are gorgeous! I only want two lipsticks and two lipglasses. Photorealism is a must have!! Everyone should get that quad! I'm going to get both Notoriety and In the Gallery quads next week.

  2. I thought I'd pass all these by - I don't have matte blushes and I love a look that has super sparkle with some matte on other parts of the face. This looks like a perfect cheek blush!!!


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