Saturday, October 11, 2008

Finished my MAC palette!

So happy! I finally got the last shadow in for my MAC palette and now it is all finished so I wanted to share ... I love how accessible this makes so many colours, and the fact that now I have two lipsticks worth of Back2MAC containers is great too.

Enjoy the oogling!


  1. YAY!!!! Congratulations... more more more palette

  2. YEAH! I just made my 1st 15 palette, too!!! I depotted my new Ungaro shadows and have 3 quads (including shadowy lady) and then a 15 palette, 1 full blushcreme (6) palette and then 4 reg blushes in a 6 palette!

    Which depotting method did you use? I tried heat first (it seemed easiest) but I was too impatient with the stupid candle and cracked a shadow (not too bad) so I do the no-heat method. I find it pretty easy. I just hope the STL MAC store will take my empties w/o plastic or metal pan. I have 14 already!

  3. Isn't it just a sight for sore eyes? I can't quit starting at it ... and am resisting the urge to change my makeup multiple times a day!

    I use the heat-less method. I pop the plastic insert out with the flat side of a blackhead extractor, clip that side wall of plastic off with a big pair of nail clippers, then lift the pan out with the flat thing again and stick a magnet on and voila! Way fast and less messy than the heated method, and it takes me like one minute to do.

    As for the B2M issue ... I bought a bunch of empty pans from and just pop that into the insert after I take the original pan out and then pop the insert back in. It looks just like a completely intact shadow pot without colour in it. The new rule is that it has to have a pan in it, but they didn't say the original pan! hehehehe

  4. Great Erin!! I have a complete 15 palette too and resisting calling my pro store for another palette..swimming and humid is on my list!! your palette sealed the deal...


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