Thursday, October 2, 2008

MAC for Ungaro shipment!!!

Got my goodies in today ... and I love them! I am so happy that I got the CCB ... it is going to make a great cheek colour! I got:

MAC for Ungaro Pastel Emotion lipglass - similar to Cherry Blossom from Cult of Cherry, but more opaque and therefore even more pink. Very very pretty!

MAC for Ungaro Pure Rose lipstick - this is just soooo pretty. A very pale pink sheer lipstick with just a hint of peachiness to it. Really really pretty!

MAC for Ungaro Not So Shy! see-thru lipcolour - this is the first lipstain I have ever had from MAC and it looks like it will be very comfy to wear and not overbearing. I really think this one will get alot of use!

MAC for Ungaro Crushed Bougainvilla Cream Colour Base - I ordered this just cause I like pink and not expecting to really get much use out of it, but OMG I really am going to love it. It says that it isn't eye safe, so it will be cheek and lips for me, but man alive is it a pretty pink!

Morange amplified creme lipstick - Not from Ungaro, but has been on my list for a while and my Nordie's never has it in stock. I love the Amplified Creme lipstick .. and want all of them.

Oyster Girl lipglass - also not from Ungaro but another that has been on my list for a while so I figured I would just get it. Very subtle with pearly sparkle, but a pretty one ... this one will go well on top of stains or on no makeup days.

Enjoy the swatches!


  1. I really love these colors! Those pinks are fantastic!

  2. Get as much as amplified lipstick as possible.. they're d/c-ing it. Replace by Cremesheen. :)

  3. OMG I can't wait to receive my Pure Rose l/s, Pastel Emotion l/g & Beauty Powder! Thanks for the swatches! Hey, you keep me updated if you find out a specific Manish release date!

  4. Gorgeous as always, AngelBunny! Please describe the lip stains for the more make-up challenged among us. I am guessing that it is simply that...a stain...that does not add texture or moisture to your lips? Is that about right? Also, I'm not seeing Oyster Girl very well on my screen. Granted, I'm getting, ahem, mature, but my eyesight is still fair at this point. Is it basically a gloss to go on top of something else?

  5. If they d/c my amplified cremes I am gonna throw a hissy fit!

    The lip stain is like a gel/gloss stain. Very comfy on and actually moisturizing, but didn't come off at all on the gloss wand that I used on top of it! The best lipstain I have tried to date!

    And Oyster Girl is a very pale sheer cream colour with pink and purple sparkle. Really subtle, but really pretty!


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