Friday, October 3, 2008

Mario Badescu skin care ... two weeks in!

Sorry it has taken me so long to get to this, but I wanted to give it a good shot before I really gave an opinion. So far I definitely see an overall improvement in my skin ... most importantly I have NO MORE CYSTIC BLEMISHES! At least for now ... I do still have some breakouts, but the good news is that they all come to the surface so I can get rid of them easily. With the cysts they just stayed there for months! I found that this stuff either makes the cysts just go away or brings them to the surface so I can extract them.

PROS: Love the cleanser ... my face feels really clean and it gets all the makeup. I also think that the Special C lotion has really cut down on my oil production in my T-Zone. I have had several days where I was not oily AT ALL by the end of the day ... not one little bit! That is awesome. The buffering lotion and the drying lotion and cream have really helped shorten the breakouts, though I am still breaking out. For now I am going to break that down to my skin just purging, but we will see.

CONS: When they say DRYING CREAM they MEAN IT! I made the mistake of getting slightly over-zealous with it the first two days and my skin felt like leather for a week and could not seem to soak up enough moisturizer. Yeah ... definitely meant more as a spot treatment for me! The benefits of these outweigh this little bit, but I am definitely having to be careful with the drying products. The only other real con is that I am not really seeing that much improvement on the blackheads on my chin area ... that and for some reason they are becoming harder to extract. I am not sure if the products are narrowing my pores making it harder for them to unplug or what, but it is irritating!

So there you have it ... all in all I am significantly impressed so far ... and hope the improvements keep coming!

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