Tuesday, January 20, 2009


OK ... so this is a bit of a shameless family plug because my step-mom owns this company and makes these, but I really think they are extraordinary and creative. I love the looks of them and just think some of her designs are awesome ... and it is nice to get them as Christmas presents.

The cool thing about mine is that they are designed where I can change them ... there is a hook at the top that rolls over the beads so I can change the domino.

I really just wanted to share the love ... cause I think that they are very wearable and just different than alot of what is out there at the moment. You can see more of them here!


  1. How cool! Besides being a makeup lover, jewelry is one of my other weaknesses, and I really think these are wonderful! :)

  2. Just checked the site it's so neat!!!


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