Tuesday, May 12, 2009

by Lauren Luke palettes: swatches and reviews!

Here they are ladies ... I finally got mine. I won't really know until I have worn them, but right now I am sufficiently impressed. I don't love them like I do my MAC or CS palettes, but they are WELL worth 32.50 a piece.

I do like that there are the same basics in each palette ... two primers and a liner. If you have oily lids at all (I don't) be prepared to also use another primer or skip these all together though because they are sheer and VERY creamy ... almost slippery in a way. I love that there is a black liner in each ... I tend to think that black liner looks best on anyone and with any look, though coloured liners can be pretty too. I just prefer black so this one makes me happy ... it could stand to be more black and more opaque though.

Basically, all the shadows have good pigmentation and a good enough texture. They are kinda dry compared to most of the shadows I am used to, but not to the point of being chalky. The only exception to this is the lightest colour in the Sultry Blues palette ... that one is chalky but I think that it is because of the glitter in it (not chunky glitter ... but very noticable).

For the most part the lip colours are sheer but really pretty. There seem to be one shimmery and one satin finish lippie and I like all of the colours well enough. They have a very pleasant smell to them ... not waxy or fruity or perfumed, just pleasant.

All in all, I am happy with these ... we will see more when I wear them but for the moment I think they are well worth what I spent for them.

However, the customer service for her site SUCKS! I cannot say enough how rude and short they are if you need to contact ... and that is only IF they return your email. I really hope they work that one out as I adore Lauren for who she is and her story, but think that the people handling her stuff can tarnish her reputation is their customer service does no improve.

Enjoy the pics ... and remember to click to enlarge them so you can read the text!

The basics ... same in each palette

My Vintage Glams

My Smokey Classics

My Luscious Greens

My Sultry Blues

My Fierce Violets

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