Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Color Club Electro Candy Nail Lacquer Collection

I haven't really done one of these yet, but I felt the need to express how much I love these. I have a few weaknesses when it comes to colour ... neons and duochrome ... and these puppies have BOTH!!!

They are truly truly stunning ... neon with flashes of other colours. Unlike other neon polishes, these do not dry completely matte, more like a satin finish. With a top coat (any ... but the Vivid topcoat that is a part of the collection is completely awesome!) they are just lit up. This collection is truly amazing ... Scrangie has AWESOME swatches of it here!

My pictures do not hold a candle to hers, but I wanted to take them and post them anyway just to show that I am completely in love with this collection. So far, other than the wheels, I have only used one and my camera doesn't photo purple neon well at all ... my pics make it look WAY more pink. Scrangie's photos are way more accurate.


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