Saturday, May 9, 2009

MAC Style Warriors Collection: swatches and review

Got to play at the MAC counter today ... got to see this collection an the RR quad (Ah-mazing quad! ... I will post about that one in the appropriate thread).

Anyways ... here goes ... there were gratis marks all over the testers so I couldn't read the finish of the shadows, but the rest I got. Also ... they only got two of the lustre drops in and said that these are the only two they are getting ... I am guessing they are mistaken since the colour story releases for this collection definitely have three colours. Also, they were slammed so I didn't have time to take pics of the packaging ... but I assure you it is every bit as ugly as the pictures make it look.

OK ... the preliminary review.

Eye colours:
-- Bright Future is a great yellow ... reminds me ALOT of Bright Sunshine, which is a Pro only colour. Also similar to Going Bananas ... great if you love yellows, but skipable if you don't.
-- Soft Force is also gorgeous ... this is definitely going to be one of my fave highlights. It reminds me of the A1 colour in the CS 88 US palette.
-- Night Maneuvers is a typical velvet shadow ... harder than hades to get any colour payoff but has a gorgeous depth to it. I will get it just because I have nothing else like it. It is a cross between Dark Edge from the Tempting quad and Apres Ski from the Chill collection.
-- Vibrant Grape is GORGEOUS! It has an awesome sparkle to it and went on with enough colour payoff to make it wearable for the not so brave but can also be built to an amazing bright purple. Definitely great ... and it is a perm pro colour in case you don't want it in the special packaging.
-- Impassioned solar bits is a great colour ... reminds me alot of Moth Brown from the Barbie collection. Too bad the solar bits are so hard to apply ... so much pigment but so much fallout. I will be pressing mine.
-- Bronzescape solar bits ... this is a repromote but it is the only one I didn't get last year so I am getting it now. Definitely bronze and definitely pretty ... but difficult like the other solar bits as well.

Lustre Drops:
-- Bronze Hero is great if you wanna do the Athena goddess of war look ... but otherwise I can't see someone as pale as me using it. For someone with a tan though it would make a FABULOUS body highlighter.
-- Pink Rebel is not really pink ... but is really pretty. I can definitely see me using this during the summer as a cheekbone highlight or even a liquid shadow. Love it ... and even though the bottles for these are small a little goes a LONG way!

Beauty Powder Blushes:
-- Eversun ... why don't I have this???? It is so pretty ... but then again ... it does remind me of several other peachy blushes I already have. I think it is impressive because it has some of the best colour payoff I have seen out of a blush.
-- On a Mission is one of the most gorgeous blushes I have ever seen ... pink and purple and irridescent and gorgeous all at the same time. I can't put it into words and the camera can't capture it ... just get it!

Lip Colours:
-- Tribalist ... gorgeous ... but unless you use it lightly as a lip stain it is going to be DARK! I normally have no problem with dark lips ... but even I am scared of this one.
-- Brave New Bronze is boring ... just boring ... like a nude with added orange. I don't like it ... not one little bit ... and I can't think of anyone that it will look good on. I am sure I am wrong ...
-- Purple Rite is gorgeous ... unlike anything else I can think of. It is like On A Mission in lipstick form ... just get it!
-- Sunsational is a glaze but has an irridescence that makes it amazing! I wish it weren't a glaze because the sparkles in it really set it off ... much like the pearl in Lollipop Loving does for that colour. Definitely get that one too!
-- Fierce & Fabulous is just that ... fierce and fabulous. Really pretty .. somewhere between pink and purple and sparkly. Similar to many but dupeable by none that I can think of.
-- Gold Rebel is pretty ... I can definitely see this making a great simple summer lip ... the swatch says it all on this one.
-- Liberated ... I had heard so many good things about but I am not terrible excited. It looks like a more pigmented Goldirocks ... which on me looks like death warmed up.
-- Style Warrior is like Magnetic Fields shadow in a lipglass ... completely impractical for anyone as pale as I am but I am getting it anyway simply because it is COMPLETELY unlike any other that I have.

Nail Lacquers:
-- Mercenary is the gem of the three ... perfectly opaque in two coats and has some amazing gold and bronze sparkles. I don't have any other nail colour like it.
-- Peaceable is like Beiged Bliss but has more white frost. This is three coats in the swatch but I could have gotten by with two. It is really pretty in sunlight as well.
-- Violet Fire is a disappointment in a way. It is a pretty colour ... but very like lots of others in most lights. In dim light however it takes on a blue sparkle that is really cool ... the bad thing is that even after three coats it was notably sheer.

This collection comes out at Nordie's on May 20th ... a Wednesday strangely enough. Since it is the only thing I am getting at all this month because of the no-buys I am excited about it ... even if I do think the packaging is hideous.


  1. I love your swatches.. thank you so much for the awesome review!! :)

  2. Girl, your swatches are amazing and the review is so helpful!


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