Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bare Elegance

OK ... definitely NOT A FAN of this! I am not sure why ... but to me it just looks really artificial (coming from me ... that says alot!). I don't know if it is the combo of pink and purple, or what ... but I really don't like this look on me!

I do, however, like Starlet LeighAnn more than I thought I would ... so at least that is a plus!

And WTF? is with the fine lines I have all of a sudden on my forehead???? I mean really ... I AM FRIKKIN' 25! I am too young to have fine lines ... grrrrr!

Ok .. I am done now ... Enjoy!

basic face routine
Compassion blush; used Tapered Blush brush

MAC Shadestick in Beige-ing over entire eye area; used fingers to blend
Girlfriend Michelle dry on browbone and around entire eye area; used Flathead Shadow brush
Starlet LeighAnn dry in crease, lining lower lashline and on outer third of lid; used double ended Shaping Eye brush and Wet/Dry brush
Girlfriend Michelle dry on inner two thirds of lid, wrapped around inner corner and swept up into crease; used Wet/Dry brush
MAC Boot Black liquid liner
Chanel Exceptionnel de Chanel mascara in Smoky Noir

Sienna lip liner
Sugar Buxom lip polish
Parfait natural lipstick

Questions? Comments? Please feel free to post ... and thanks for looking!


  1. OHHH! Pretty, pretty, pretty!

  2. GASP!!! You'd don't like??? But it's so very pretty! I've been thinking of getting this kit myself. On my monitor, the colors look purple--are they really, or do they tend more to pinks?

  3. I see nothing fake about it!
    It looks lovely on you and I'm glad that you did the look!

  4. I think everything looks wonderful on you. I am STILL waiting for my kit.

  5. I really like this look on you! I think I would use a different lippie though -something just a bit more rosy. But your eyes are gorgeous!!

  6. Erin, you're on crack. It looks just fine on you. I'm reconsidering getting the kit now, because of you. :p


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