Sunday, November 9, 2008


Someone on Specktra mentioned Vex, which is this weird MAC shadow colour ... I can't really describe it other than weird. It is weird like BEs Champagne is weird, but has green duochrome instead of purple. It is like dishwater coloured with pretty sparklies ... and really very pretty!

Oh ... and I also included a full face shot from the side to show the MAC Petticoat MSF when applied heavily. I absolutely LOVE THIS COLOUR! It is soooo awesome, and if the MSFs weren't so damn expensive I would get multiple backups of this one. This took alot of kahunas on my part, because the things that I HATE the most about myself are my nose and my chin, so consider this a one time only special ... pics like this make me EXTREMELY self concious about those things ;)

Craving is also my new favorite lip colour ... I don't know how I had ignored this one for so long, but OMG I am so glad that I got it. It is perfect for me ... and since my dear beloved amplified creme's are being d/c (yeah ... me and MAC are gonna have to have a talk!) I am glad I have this one.

I also used MACs Satin Taupe, because it is a fabulous MAC colour and I really just love it. All in all, this was another instance of just playing around ... Enjoy!

basic face routine
MAC Petticoat MSF heavily on cheeks then lightly on high points of face; used Heavenly Blush brush

MAC paint pot in Bare Study; used large shadow brush from brush set
MAC Vex frost shadow dry over entire eye area; used Face Secrets Shadow Blender brush
MAC Satin Taupe frost shadow dry in crease and along lower lashline; used MAC 217 shadow brush
MAC Smoke and Diamonds starflash shadow on outer third of lid and blended inwards; used MAC 239 shadow brush
MAC Blacktrack fluidline along upper lashline only; used MAC 266 liner brush
Chanel Exceptionnel de Chanel mascara in Smoky Noir

Duwop Prime Venom
MAC Craving amplified creme lipstick; used MAC 316 lip brush

Questions? Comments? Please feel free to post ... and thanks for looking!


  1. You look gorgeous as always. Eyes, cheeks, lips...even your nose and chin. LOL Isn't it funny that no matter how attractive we are there are things about ourselves that just make us cringe? I don't think there is any woman anywhere who is happy with the way she looks. That's why the cosmetics industry takes in billions of dollars every year. :>)

  2. So pretty!! I'm so glad I got Petticoat! I'm really happy you showed us the side shot and you nose & chin look fine, :o) but I know you aren't comfortable showing them, so that's just fine. I understand... loving the lippie, too!

  3. Erin, another beautiful look! You're right,this is your lip color.

  4. You sold me on this lipstick!

  5. Another vote here for the lip color...that's beautiful.
    And, you can always send your nose and chin to me; I could use the improvement.


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