Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Basic Face Routine

Someone asked in a comment what this was, so I am bumping it up and revising it for current reference. Hope this helps Lisa!

1) Prime Time foundation primer over entire face except eyes; applied with fingers
2) Prime Time for Eyes applied over entire eye socket area; use fingers
3) BE Bisque/Well Rested 50/50 mix OR Bisque alone applied on inner corners of eyes and along lower portion of eye (not on eyelid) and any blemishes and spots that need concealing; use EDM Eye Buki brush
4) BE Foundation in Fairly Light over entire face except for eyes; use Too Faced Retractable Teddy Bear Hair Kabuki brush (OMG! The best foundation brush EVER!)
5) TSS Cashmere Stockings Level II finishing powder OR BE Mineral Veil mix (mostly original MV, but with some leftover FLMV mixed in) over entire face except for eyes; use EDM Long Handle Kabuki (synthetic) brush
6) TSS Cashmere Kisses in Illuminate Me over high points of face; use EDM Flat-top foundation brush (I only do this step on occasion, not everyday ... if I do it will be notated in the Face part of the tutorial)
7) Lip primer of the day; either Duwop Prime Venom OR Urban Decay Big Fatty lip plumper; if I am using a Buxom that day I skip this step entirely
8) Sephora brow powder in dark brunette (from a brow trio with two colours and wax) on brows; brush them out with spoolie first, then use Sephora #10 brow brush ... I do this step after my eye colours but before my mascara

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  1. Thanks so much Erin! I can only hope to achieve your flawless look. Lisa


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