Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pressing Minerals .... and experiment for Lindsay!

OK girl ... per your request I tried it and I have to say that, while it turned out nice and neat it isn't something that I plan on doing again. I used a half jar sample of Ell-if-I-Know from the LOL3 collection to try it. Here are a few thoughts:

1) compared to pressing the MAC pigments the minerals took about four times as long to dry ... with the pigments I wait about half an hour ... this was still wet to the touch after an hour.
2) I used a half a jar of minerals to do this, and it just covered the bottom of the pan. Which means that if I were to use a whole jar the pan would still look half empty. With the piggies I was using about 3/4 teaspoon for the fullest pans.
3) They press really nicely because they are so finely milled. You can really see the pattern of the fabric!


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  1. OMG, that looks so awesome!!!

    I just LOVE the convenience of pressed shadows and I could totally see the benefit of doing this to the colors I use so often. Maybe I'll find time to try some out, myself!

    Thanks so much!!!


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