Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bargain Alert! UD 24/7 Eye Pencil sets at ULTA

I have been WAITING FOREVER for them to come out with more sets of these. The eyeliners are fabulous ... they go on so smooth you just want to keep applying them and they stay on forever ... even on your waterline. Not to mention that the colours are, true to the style of Urban Decay, bright and gorgeous. I love them ... so when I opened this weeks ULTA ad this week and saw them of course I went and got them as soon as they opened this morning.

My only complaint is that neither of these two sets have Deviant in them, which is the one I have been really wanting. Since they are normally $16 a piece I am thinking that I will just go ahead and pick that one up on its own but for these sets ($29 per set, two sets to choose from) to have five colours each they are a total steal.

Both sets come with Zero, the jet black one, and I already had Bourbon ... so if anyone is interested I have listed the extras of those two in the classifieds at MM. Otherwise I am hoping that the pics make it clear what colours are in which set.

To purchase them go here ... or hop on over to your closest ULTA. I doubt these will last long. Enjoy oogling them!

If you are just wanting a similar product but not the sets, I have mentioned the comparison of the Sephora Flashy liner pencils as well. These babies are $8 a pop at any Sephora or online, and the wearability and colours are comparable. They don't have quite as many colours that I just love as the UD ones, but for $8 they are great comparison. Here are some swatches of the ones I have. In person, the Flashy Orange is a liner pencil clone of BE's Fire Opal glimmer. Hope this helps!


  1. Thanks for the pics of these! I was looking at the 1999, Stash, and Bourbon back when UD had it's F&F sale, but chickened out. Now I'm glad I did. I still like Stash and Bourbon, but I think I would have hated 1999.

  2. I hear you on that A! The colour of the pencil itself is so pretty, but the colour when you apply it is just kinda strange.

    I do love Stash though ... way more than I thought I would. And of course I am completely loving all of the bright ones!

  3. I did it....I bought ' to use them!!!

  4. Woot! My job here is done ... but I have to ask ... did you get both sets???? Well??? Didja???

  5. I had the opportunity to swatch Stash, Bourbon, 1999, Lust, and Rockstar this past weekend. I love Stash, Bourbon, and Rockstar. I can't remember if R is UD or MUFE, but I must have it.

  6. I don't have Rockstar ... but you are making me think I need it!

    I ordered Deviant with my Extreme Glimmers ... can't wait until it gets here! I am also looking at the gold one ... next order maybe?


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