Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mario Badescu ... first impressions

I finally got my order this morning ... I should have gotten it Thursday but my UPS man is a moron ... but I digress. I will go about this product by product, so that there is some sort of organization to my rambling.

Oh yeah ... and I got a GREAT unexpected surprise of a batch of samples from them too! Not only that ... but apparently the samples were coordinated around what I ordered because they were all in a kit for my skintype (combo-oily, acne prone). I got little bottles of a Cucumber cleanser, Cucumber toner, and small jars of a Cucumber mask, Oil-free moisturizer and hyaloronic acid eye cream (OMG ... LOVE this!) The sample pack was a GREAT surprise ... and says alot for their business practices!

Glycolic Foaming Cleanser - I was impressed that this is such a large bottle (six ounces) and that it takes so little to get the job done. I probably used about the size of a quarter in my palm to wash my whole face ... and of course I used my Clarisonic as well. Since it is a cleanser it is to soon for me to really notice any results, but it was nice in that my face felt really clean and it got everything off just fine. No burning or drying out my skin either ... and the smell is rather pleasant!

Special C Cleansing Lotion - Don't let the name fool you .... this is a toner ... and it is YELLOW! My first reaction when I put some on the cotton pad was "um ... is this going to turn my skin yellow?" because it is that yellow. But it didn't .... and this was NICE because it had an immediate mattifying effect on my skin that is still there. I used it about four hours ago and my face still is not oily in the least. I really like this stuff ... the smell is kinda interesting ... and combo of skincare smell and cucumbers, but not overpowering and not unpleasant ... just interesting.

Buffering Lotion - Again, this is a liquid ... not really a lotion. That alone makes it really interesting to apply because it comes in a dropper type bottle and I don't want to waste it on a cotton pad. Basically I just put some on my finger and rubbed it on each blemish. It dried completely smooth and while I haven't noticed any results yet, the reviews of this one are good enough for me to be excited. Only precaution is that this one reeks of rubbing alcohol ... I know that lots of people say that is a no no for your face, but I have never had issues with products with alcohol in them ... and like rubbing alcohol the smell disappears quickly. Oh yeah ... you got shake this one alot!

Drying Lotion - This stuff is really interesting ... again not a lotion. It is a powder suspended in a liquid, and the bottle says NOT to shake it up so that they stay separated. The instructions are to use it at night (so I haven't tried it yet) and to dip a q-tip into the pink sediment, apply it to breakouts and let dry. I will try this tonight ... but I wanted to give my first opinions on it. Again, I have heard nothing but great reviews on this one so I am excited to try it. It really reminds me of calamine lotion though ... the way it looks and smells ... which tempts me to use it on all my infernal mosquito bites!

Drying Cream - This is really similar to the Proactiv mask that comes in all the kits ... except you can rub it in and don't have to wash it off. Sulphur is obviously the active ingredient, but it isn't nearly as strong smelling as the BE Blemish Therapy. It also has zinc oxide in it, so it kinda works as a pre-concealer because the whiteness defracts the light. I put it on under my makeup, and though it stayed kinda tacky it didn't mess with my makeup application at all. Again ... really a good mattifying effect.

And now for the hard part ... here are some pics of me WITHOUT makeup so that we all know what I am trying to treat. I did cover up my birthmark (in the middle of my forehead) ... but otherwise I am completely bare faced. The close up is of the type of cystic clusters that I have been dealing with constantly for the last six months. If this stuff works for those I am completely sold on it forever!

Needless to say ... I am extremely jittery about posting no-makeup pics ... so please be gentle!


  1. I don't know what you're complaining about: you're beautiful without makeup. Your skin looks so healthy and young!
    I am sure dealing with the cystic acne is a pain, but hope your new products work quickly for you.
    Did you ever post a link to the website where you found them?

  2. You still look like you, which is a good thing. When my face is bare, my features disappear. Its scary! Good luck with your new products and hopefully you'll see the results you want.

  3. You are beautiful even without makeup! You must be your hardest critic. Makeup/makeunder on you just enhances the beauty that is already there.


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