Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This look was the QVC Spring or Summer Catalog Special in 2007 ... and the first time I tried the colours together I HATED them so much that I never used any of them sense.

What a wonder the right base makes ... add a white base and now I LOVE them! I have always listed Peach Puff on that list of colours that hate me, but today I really really love it.

Anyways ... I am sooooooo happy with the way this turned out that I wanted to share ASAP ... so here you go!


basic face routine
Lumiere Ditto O blush; used Tapered Blush brush

NYX Jumbo Eye pencil in Milk lash to just above crease, then blended up towards brows and into inner corner; used fingers
UD 24/7 eye pencil in Covet along lower lashline; smudged with Sephora #4 sponge applicator
Petunia dry on browbone and around entire eye area; used Flathead shadow brush
Peach Puff dry in crease and under outer third of Covet liner; used Shaping Eye brush
Peach Puff dry on outer third of lid; used Wet/Dry brush
Pink Posey dry on inner two thirds of lid; used Wet/Dry brush
Petunia dry on inner third, wrapped around inner corner and swept up into crease; used Wet/Dry brush
Lancome Oscillation mascara in black

Duwop Prime Venom
Wearable Bronze lip liner
MAC Lip Lacquer in Varneesh

Questions? Comments? Please feel free to post ... and thanks for looking!


  1. Really pretty and reminds me of Spring.

    I like Peach Puff, glad you finally like it too. Now, how about giving Thank You another try? lol

  2. I promise it is on my list to try again ... though I make no promises that it will have changed it's attitude of hatred towards me.


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