Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Goddess Reborn

So sorry for the cheesy title ... honestly I just can't come up with anything else more creative. This look is done out of my OCD habit of needing to use kits together ... so for this one I threw the first Quickies set in with Rebirth and some black eyeliner and voila!

Note to self: just because the hair works on Monday does NOT mean it will be cooperative on Tuesday ... oh, and self ... time to get the eyebrows done again dear ;)


basic face routine
Compassion blush; used Tapered Blush brush

MAC ShadeStick in Beige-ing lash to just above crease; blended toward brow with fingers
UD 24/7 eye pencil in Zero along top and bottom lashlines; smudged slightly with Sephora #4 sponge applicator
Sun Goddess dry on browbone and around entire eye area; used Flathead shadow brush
Rebirth dry in crease, lining outer half of lower lashline, and on outer third of lid; used double ended Shaping Eye brush and Wet/Dry brush
Sun Goddess dry on midde third of upper lid and middle third of lower lashline; used Wet/Dry brush
Ice Queen dry on inner third of lid, wrapped around inner corner and along inner third of lower lashline, and swept up into crease and onto inner half of browbone; used Wet/Dry brush
Chanel Exceptionnel de Chanel mascara in Smoky Noir

MAC Chromeglass in Prize Shine
MAC Dazzleglass in Funtabulous

Questions? Comments? Please feel free to post ... and thanks for looking!


  1. You are amazing! You take colors that I would never think to put together with such stellar results! Another beautiful look on you.

  2. Thanks Phyllis ... aside from the crazy hair I really enjoyed this one myself!

    Love ya girl!


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