Thursday, September 4, 2008

BE Diamond Buxom Babes - First Product Review!

OMG! It was like Christmas in September (not as catchy sounding as Christmas in July ... but you get the drift) today! I got my Bare Platinum installment of the QVC Bare Luxury A/D, a book I had ordered for my classroom (finally!) AND these ... the new BE Diamond Buxom Babes lipglosses.

They are STUNNING! I am all about the sparkle, so these are perfect. The colours are gorgeous, and I just love them ... some of my fave buxoms ever (saying alot since I own every buxom that has been released to date). I like them so much that I am thinking that I need a spare set ... there is my compulsive hoarding reflex kicking in.

So now, the honest facts ... hope this convinces everyone that reads this to buy them (hi Amanda!).

Upside: Um ... hello ... they are sparkly??? And Buxom!!! What more do you need ... but seriously ... they have the buxom tingle. Not only that, but the tingle seems a little stronger than with the regular buxoms ... and since I am all about the tingle, that is a welcome aspect.

Also, the price is reasonable in my opinion ... $28 for the set of four (mini sizes) available exclusively right now at ULTA. Here is the linkage! The taste is slightly sweeter than with previous buxoms (similar to the sweetness of the new Full Coverage Buxoms) and I like that. A nice surprise, but not like Bonne Bell overbearing.

They also seem slightly thicker, which could mean that they will stay on longer. Although I have always thought that the buxoms stayed on for a while, so this may or may not be true.

Downside: They are minis ... I want these babies in full sizes, and hope that BE likes them enough to do just that eventually. Also, since they are thicker some people might think they are more sticky ... I don't really think that, but for people that are sensitive to the stickiness of lipgloss, this may be a downer.

They also come with a brush applicator, which lots have complained about. On these particular glosses I am loving the brush because they are more sheer ... but on the whole the brush is more messy to me.

OK ... hope that makes sense somewhat ... now go buy them ... that means you Amanda!


  1. If only I had my credit card number memorized and then I wouldn't have to walk allll the way to the kitchen to get my wallet. Buying as we speak. I love buxom!

  2. tehehehe ... I have enabled her once again ... my work here is done!

    Love you preggers!


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