Friday, September 19, 2008

Up from the Ashes

If you are one of the few that had heard my opinion of the new BE Cares colour when I received it and swatched it on my hand yesterday, you will understand the title of this look. For those of you that don't ... I will explain!

When I saw it in the jar I was like "ugh ... what an awful colour!" ... so then I swatched it on my hands ... and to me it seriously looked like cigarette ashes with green glitter. Not pretty! So needless to say my original impression of this colour was not good.

But I decided to use it today anyway ... and it has redeemed itself to a point. The colour is no longer ashy like it was on my hand (thank god!), and it is certainly unique. I like it for the uniqueness ... but otherwise it just isn't all that grande to me. And then for some reason I paired it with Organza (a gorgeous but also weird colour) and that didn't really help.

The undertones of Santuary kinda remind me of the same undertones as Pure Spice ... which is a much unloved BE colour. But anyway ... I will let the masses decide (Lisa and sisboo ... that means you!)


basic face routine (back to Too Faced Kabuki for foundation ... sub EDM Kabuki for CS)
Lumiere Ditto O blush; used Tapered Blush brush

MAC Metal-X Cream Shadow in Virgin Silver over entire eye area; used fingers
Seashell dry on browbone and around entire eye area; used Flathead Shadow brush
Sanctuary dry in crease, lining lower lashline and on outer third of lid; used double ended Shaping Eye brush and Wet/Dry brush
Organza dry on inner two thirds of lid, wrapped around inner corner and swept up into crease; used Wet/Dry brush
Chanel Exceptionnel de Chanel mascara in Smoky Noir

Duwop Prime Venom
So Natural lip liner
MAC Poco Pink lip lacquer (my HG lipcolour by the way ... can't ever live without it!)
Celeste Diamond Buxom lip polish

Questions? Comments? Please feel free to comment ... and thanks for looking!


  1. it. Partly for the color and partly for the cause. Looks good. But your lips are smokin'! Sexy!

  2. I like Sanctuary and how you have used it here.

    Also, it isn't Christmas yet, but as you are from Texas, you might appreciate this little joke....

    Why did the three wise men have soot on them?

    'Cause they came from "a far"! LOL!

    <3 Paige

  3. Love this look. I haven't played with my Sanctuary yet!

  4. Wow - another great look on you. Can't steal as I don't have those colors, but wish I did!


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