Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cinderella Collection Swatches!

OK, so they aren't great swatches. All of them are done dry (since I immediately just tore into them and didn't take the time to get brushes, water, etc.) and done with my finger on the back of my hand. Also, the colours are SO complex that this just doesn't do them justice. Just this might give you a good idea of what they are ... I figured I would post up anyway since I have posted so many looks from this collection.

Again, Heathers products are FABULOUS but the wait times are LOOOONNNNGGGGG so be prepared for that if you order. They are well worth the wait ... but even I have issues with the patience thing. Hope this enables ... ermmm ... I mean ... helps ;)

To order or see more about them go here!

Thanks for looking ... I appreciate everyone taking the time to deal with my obsession ... since we all know how much time it takes for me!

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  1. I ordered this about a week ago. Since then, oddly enough, the days have seemed longer :0 I can't wait!


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