Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tea Party ... and skincare update!

Let me first say that I went a bit overboard with the blue under the eye ... it didn't look nearly this stark in person at least. Other than that I LOVE THESE COLOURS! I am so glad I finally put them together, because they belong together. I just love them!

Oh yes ... and I got a shipment confirmation about my skincare stuff from Mario Badescu ... it has a scheduled delivery of Thursday ... so if it makes it here then it will be five days from order to door-step, which is pretty darn good in my opinion!


basic face routine
Vintage Peach blush; used Tapered Blush brush

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk lash to just above crease, then blended up towards crease; used fingers
UD 24/7 eye pencil in 1999 along lower lashline; smudged using Sephora #4 sponge applicator
Jasmine Tea dry on browbone and around entire eye area; used Flathead Shadow brush
Herbal Tea dry in crease, lining lower lashline, and on outer half of lid; used double ended Shaping Eye brush and Wet/Dry brush
Jasmine Tea dry on inner third, wrapped around inner corner, and swept up into crease; used Wet/Dry brush
Green Tea wetlined top lashline; used Face Secrets Concealer/Liner brush
Chanel Exceptionnel de Chanel Intense Volume and Curl mascara in black (LOVE LOVE LOVE!)

MAC Heatherette Sock Hop lipglass
MAC Heatherette Lollipop Loving glaze lipstick

Questions? Comments? Please feel free to post ... and thanks for looking!


  1. Erin, is the mascara waterproof and how does it wear? Thanks for the review, I'm still searching for my HG of mascara. I REALLY want Jasmine and Herbal Tea. REALLY, REALLY! Why didn't I buy the kit when I had the chance?!?

  2. I love these colors together!!! Better than the kits that they came out in!!!
    Now I have some other ideas on how to wear these colors!!!
    And I'm really loving these lip colors...the softer colors are really gorgeous!

  3. The mascara wears great for me Lisa ... flaked a little yesterday but today has been perfect. What I love the most about it is that I can get the results that usually take me five minutes in about two ... LOVE LOVE LOVE this mascara! And no ... to my knowledge it isn't waterproof ... I hate waterproof mascaras!

    Glad everyone likes this kit ... I was pleased with it too!

  4. Erin - this look is GORGEOUS! I have Herbal and Jasmine Tea and have never used them...silly me. I love this look - how creative.

  5. Katie!!! I am sooo glad you stopped in and posted! Thanks so much for the compliment ... I was really happy with the way it turned out too!

    Please keep posting ... I love having friends around ;)

  6. Darn it, I need waterproof mascara and I really like how this one looks. Oh, well, the search will continue. And Katie, if you are not going to use your teas, I want them!


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